A Sense Of Madness.
Sited in a claustrophobia-inducing flat in Croydon (south of London) this project bears testament to the impact of mental illness on a life. Hynes-Allen’s young protagonist is pictured seemingly trapped in a world of mood controlling drugs, cigarettes and daytime television. The pictures reek of the dirty velour and nicotine-stained wood chip wallpaper. This project draws into sharp relief an underclass the mentally ill are forced by their illness to join. Paul Hynes-Allen’s work A Sense of Madness is no ordinary photo-documentary project – it is not another cold and analytical view of the ‘other’, or a concerned sociological rendition of a situation compassionately observed, but never really understood. This bleak story of loneliness, despair and isolation, though keenly observed and extremely well crafted, is the result of concern for a sick friend. Hynes- Allen made this project so much part of his personal experience that he has added his own belongings to the images; reinforcing his relationship both to the subject matter and to the subject. (MacDonald, Gordon: Camera Austria magazine, volume 102, Austria 2008, p 62.)

The Last Bedroom.
Christians On Flowers. 
Escape, Calvin klein
The Kiss.
My Blood In Andy's Bath Tub. 
Andy's Mum In Andy's Kitchen.
Me In Andy's Kitchen. 2002
Me In Andy's Living Room. 2016
Andy In My Parent's Living Room.
Andy on the sofa, 2002
My First Picture Of Andy. 1999. 

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